Pottery Painting Fun for Schools…

School Painting Family Night. Whether it’s Fundraising for Teachers, PTA’s, or Just for Fun for School Festivals, Fine Arts Nite, Mother’s Day, Tile Murals or the ever popular Holiday Season…we are your ticket to the Happy Dance!

Our quality ceramic pieces are super-fun for the kids, super-cute as finished art and super-popular with parents because of our amazing quality.

We give generous discounts to the local school communities and are pleased to offer projects with low price points for maximum participation and flexibility!

Some of our projects:

  • Holiday Ornaments and Plates
  • Mother’s / Father’s Day Plaques
  • End-of-Year “Favorite Memory” Tiles


Tile Wall…

Skip the bake sales and book fairs and raise some real money while adding a priceless addition to your building at the same time! All of your friends & members can paint a commercial-grade tile. We’ll glaze it & fire it and you hang it. This is an easy & creative way to make money for your school, church or temple. Organizations have raised thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in a single day Tile Wall event. Those who have bought the tiles paint them with our under glazes we’ll help with this part. We will glaze and fire the tiles. Your tile contractor installs the tiles on a wall at your facility. With a tile wall fundraiser, kids and parents can paint ceramic tiles together that become a permanent part of the facility. The tile wall tells the story of the families participating and it communicates the life and vitality of your organization. The tile wall can become an ongoing project, to be added to every few years if you wish. 


We are happy to come to you! Our materials are all water-based, non-toxic and easily wash off clothes, kids & surfaces so no worries…easy peasy in the clean-up department. All we require are tables and seats for painters, water nearby and an electrical outlet.

Call us at 847-252-9300 and we will be happy to chat about your project, offer insight and pricing.